Sew Dolly Clackett: Matching Easter Outfits Edition

Hello lovely people,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and aren’t feeling too stuffed with chocolate to think about anything else!
We celebrated with my family. Since they live in the fields and I had two makes finished, I thought it would be a good idea to take my pictures in a green scenery rather than the every grey rooftop shots!

These makes aren’t your usual though! I really wanted to participate in Sew Dolly Clackett to celebrate the wedding of Roisin and Nick, but life got a little in the way (timemanagment is not my strong suit).
However, those who are following me on twitter might have seen this snapshots of a gorgeous blue and white lace patterned fabric passing by.
They were supposed to be a pair of Jedediah pants for my boyfriend. I succeeded and finished the pants last week. I had a load of fabric leftover and quickly the boyfriend and me were brainstorming on what to do with the leftover fabric. I can’t remember who it was that said: “let’s make matching outfits”.
And so we did!

Sew Dolly Clackett: Matching Easter Outfits Edition!
(Be aware: this post is picture and text heavy)
All full oufit shots are by my lovely aunt who is a wizard with a camera. Hurray! We took a load of family shots, and we all giggled all the way through the photoshoot! Taking pictures of finished makes is way more fun when you are running on chocolat and champagne!
matching 2 matching 4 matching 3 matchingAnd now some details for sewists!
smile shoesMy dress is based upon the Sigma dress by Papercut Patterns. I did an FBA on the XS, but the darts are way to high. (Time crunch, Sorry not sorry) I have two more of these dresses planned, but I will need to do a lot more of muslin and pattern changes before I can cut those.
The skirt is a gathered rectangle, in true Dolly Clackett fashion!
As with the Rigel Bomber, this pattern was also printed on very sturdy paper, which I absolutely adore.
I love cardigans almost as much as Roisin, so finding one to match this outfit was no problem at all. My shoes are the “You Legend”pumps by Irregular choice. The heels are covered in glitter. sigh. Also in honor of Sew Dolly Clackett. I bought them two years ago in Paris, but when I went looking for the shop last September it was gone. Some crying occured, since I love all of their shoes So Much.

Now on to more manly affairs…

full shotHere you see some evidence that I am not a selfish seamstress!
The pants are the Jedediah pants by Thread Theory in a straight size 32. I adapted the legs to become more flared, since Mr. boyfriend likes that more. (“I have huge feet, if I wear skinny jeans my feet look like boats”) This is actually the second pair of Jeds I made, but the other ones are still waiting to be photographed.
Mr. Boyfriend also picked this fabric himself. I like a man without fear. It’s Trèfle by Kokka. He bought it over a year ago. achterkant broekMaking sure all of the stripes lined up was the hardest part of making this pants, but I think I succeeded very well. (Check the back shot! I’m so proud of myself :-))

taillebandI had him pick out the buttons and he picked this one. Hurray, cause I could easily hammer it in. Done in no time!
I actually enjoy sewing pants for the Mr. and he already ordered some shorts and a pair of Jeds in a darker fabric. We’ll see what we can do! I also want to make him a shirt, since he has difficulties finding well fitting shirts in stores. He has quite broad shoulders and a slim waist and appaerantly that’s not done anymore. I’ll see if I can make him happy with a custom made shirt but I think I will!

Since it never hurts to include some behind the scenes shots, here are some hilarious shots made by my aunt, with my mother watching, of me photographing the back and the waistband of the pants. I’m a very dedicated blogger, can you tell :-)
hihi voorkant hihi achterkant We considered hiring a baby to have another miniature matching dress, but nobody would offer their baby. Too bad! Did you ever made or wore matching outfits with your loved ones? My parent couldn’t stop laughing when seeing us and we do not plan on wearing this outfits together too often, but for Easter we think of it as being very funny!

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Me Made May ’14



Last year I participated in Me Made May hosted by Zoë (from So, Zo, what do you know) for the first time. Since I mainly sewed summer dresses untill that time and some weather gods decided that Winter was supposed to stay until June, it was quite challenging.

However, I like a challenge! This year I’m participating again!
I’ve been thinking about what goal I’ll set for myself and I think this is a good one

‘I,Hanne of A New Dress, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14.I endeavour to wear  one handmade garment or accessory for 5 days a week for the duration of May 2014′


If you’d like to see what I wore last year you can go here and here and here!

If you’d like to participate in Me Made May ’14 you can sign up here!
Are you participating? What do you think of this kind of challenges?


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Fashion Revolution Day

Hello you all!

First: let me thank all of you for your lovely comments and feedback on the launch of Sew It Up! I’m still all giddy about it!
Some people said they were worried about time: we don’t want you to go all crazy. Assignments will be given (and to be kept secret) before the competition starts so we are all still sane by the end of it. (and you don’t want to kill us)

I can also say that we had some great feedback from a couple lovely sponsors and that’s also a relief (and very nice of them, Thank you! You know who you are! We’ll give them a huge shout out on the official Sew It Up website! )

Next up is something very important!
who made your clothingAbby (Things for boys), Celina (Petit a Petit and Family) and Laure (Behind the Hedgerow) have been working on something special.
April 24th is Fashion Revolution day – a global campaing aiming to re-establish the connections, transparency and relationships along each step of the fashion supply chain. On this day, everyone is encouraged to wear an item of clothing inside out to raise awareness about how our clothes are made.

The three ladies are organising a FFlash Mob. The idea is to post a photo of your handmade garments inside out on your blog, instagram, twitter, facebook… (you get it) on April 24th.
To take part you can go to one of these blogs

sign up and read more about it.

In the mean time I’ll sit here and thinkg about which garment I’ll show. See if I can find one that’s properly finished on the inside…


Who’s in?


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Sew It Up! It’s finally here!

Sew it up is an online sewing competition for everybody who likes to sew.
After watching too many hours of Project Runway and The Great British Sewing Bee and after lurking over gorgeous outfits created for Project Sewn, we felt the need for a Belgian/Dutch sewing competition. One night, a lot of Belgian/Dutch sewers were twittering away and so we ended up with an actual idea.
We’d love for all of you to join us!
sew all the things
Some details

  • You can sew (competition is open for everything from beginners to advanced sewers, we believe in personal style and vision!)
  • You live in Belgium or the Netherlands (you don’t need Belgian and/or Dutch nationality)
  • You can write a little bit about your work in Dutch or English and provide us with pictures of your work
  • Competition starts on May 12th and runs for 5 weeks.
  • Every Tuesday we’ll post the results on the website and people get to vote. To avoid popularity contests, we’ll also have the participants vote for each other.
  • We are looking for six participants!

How to apply

If you’d like to compete, please send us the following:

  • Three or more pictures of your work + a short description.
  • A short about you text in English or Dutch.
  • You don’t need to own a blog, but if you have one, please provide us with the link as well!

Visit SewItUp to apply  before april 20th, 12PM, GMT+1.

Any questions? Post them here or mail to


Check for more details!

Wil je dit bericht in het Nederlands lezen? Ga dan naar hier

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A Floral Rigel Bomber

This might not be the most original title for a blogpost on the awesome Rigel Bomber pattern. I’ve seen so many gorgeous floral versions in the blogosphere, amongst them the lovely version of Sally (The Quirky Peach) and Elisabeth (Sewn by Elisabeth)
But a while ago, this lovely velvety floral fabric arrived at Madame Tirette, where I work, and I knew it had to became a bomber jacket. My bomber jacket.
I had the Rigel Bomber (Papercut Patterns) in my pattern stash and decided to give it a go. Bomber jackets aren’t my go to shape, so it was quite out of my comfort zone.

Floral Rigel BomberAfter wearing it a couple times, I still feel like it’s a bit long. I’m rather short, so that might have something to do with it.
I love the colours though and it’s such a soft fabric!
overal shotThis is my face that says I’m quite pleased. I did not line the jacket, because I wanted to get my head around this version first. Next time I might line it to hide the pockets on the inside. You don’t see the inside of the pockets when I wear the jacket though, so for me it’s not that big of a deal.
overal shot 2
Floral Rigel BomberI’m still searching for good outfits with this jacket. It was one of those makes that I really want to make and then when it’s finished I keep thinking: hm, I don’t really know how to combine this piece…
The fact that I don’t wear pants isn’t helping either.

detail logo detail bandinzet detail welt pocketThe construction of this jacket was very straight forward. Even the welt pockets were easy peasy. I was really scared, but the instructions are very clear and if you follow them, it can’t go wrong.
The instructions provided to attach the ribbing to the bottom of the jacket are also quite nifty. Such a neat corner. I was very impressed with the way the pieces fit together!
I worked on my bomber in a couple sessions, but it doesn’t take too much time to put one together.
The only thing I’d change next time is maybe shorten the bodice (I’m short) and lenghten the sleeves. I picked a size S, but I feel like the sleeves are a little too short on me. I’m a long armed dwarf. That might be possible :-)

floral rigel bomberRigel bomber: check! I’m very pleased, even though it’s far out of my comfort zone to wear bomber jackets! That’s the freedom of sewing, you get to explore every shape and every fabric and you learn a lot from doing so!
Did you ever made something outside of your style comfort zone? Was it a hit or a miss when finished?


Also, check back on this page next Tuesday! Today I had a meeting with Caroline and we are planning something rather exciting! (or so we think) It will be mainly for people blogging/sewing in the Netherlands or Belgium, but everyone else gets to join in on the fun as well! Some bloggers might know what we are talking about, but please keep it quiet for one more week!

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A Macaron a long time in the making

A long time ago I blogged about my plans on making a Macaron by Colette Patterns.
And now the time is here! My macaron is finished. I finished the hem on february, 28th, so I’m counting this one for the #sewbluefebruary challenge over at sewcialists.

I started this dress on the first of february, and wanted to finish it earlier, but sometimes life gets in the way of finishing a dress! I had a lot of fun living, so all’s well :-).

Today was my boyfriend’s birthdayparty so I wore my new dress. (The friend who helped me pick out the fabric was a guest as well, her first words when she saw me were: “You finally finished it!” It took me two years!) After the party, I forced my boyfriend into taking pictures, ’cause I was too lazy tired to set up my tripod.

So, now it’s picturetime!

voor zijkant achterkant

The fabric was bought two years ago at Stoffenspektakel, a travelling fabric fair in Belgium and the Netherlands. The solid fabric is from Pauli. The best fabric shop in Leuven in my opinion.

I cut a straight size 6 for the bodice and graded from a six to a twelve for the skirt. No FBA needed in my opinion. Which is ironic, since I put off making a macaron after struggling with the FBA for it. Going with your guts often is the best thing to do.

voor 2

Yes. That’s me all happy cause it’s finally finished and gorgeous. A friend who was staying over,  even said she was impressed with how neat I sewed the thing. She said it twice :–)(my friend was in costume design with me, I wasn’t good at sewing according to my teachers in costume design. That’s why she was so surprised)

So, here’s the bonus shot. Totally blaming that one on Corona and too much gluten and lactose free brownies.
blooperWhat do you guys think? A make worth the wait?
Have a splendid week next week! I have the week off from classes and teaching, so I’ll be sewing, preparing for next month and visiting my parents. HURRAY!

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Sew Dolly Clackett

Roisin of Dolly Clackett is getting married! In May! Hurray!

To honor this event, Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones came up with the marvelous idea to organise a sewalong/competition Dolly Clackett Style. To check out all of the details hop on over to Rhinestones and Telephones.

sew dolly clackett

Since I really admire Roisin’s style, as shown in my ‘Ode to Roisin’, I will participate in this sewalong! I got an idea in mind already and one can never have too many dresses!

I leave you guys to it, I’ve got some sewing to do!

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A long time ago, I won a giveaway at Annette Tirette! I received the gorgeous galaxy fabric. Some dancing around tables was involved when Anneke told me I won.
It took me some time, but I finally made it into a dress!

I was so much in love with the bodice of the Elisalex dress of By Hand London, that I wanted to make a second version.
I love-love-love-love-love-love-love this dress! I finished it on the 30th of January 2013, so actually it’s a dress from last year, but I wore it out for new year’s day at the party at my boyfriend’s family. People said it reminded them of fireworks, so I think it was a very appropriate dress.

(Sorry for blurry pics, my camera decided to take blurry photographs and I did not notice it untill I was editing. Some of them are sharp…)

I made a couple changes to the dress. You can read about my changes on the bodice in this post. I changed the skirt for a long strip of fabric, which I pleated. At the centre front I made a double boxpleat. This makes for extra room when I need to eat a big meal at family gatherings :-). I also added pockets in the side seams, ’cause dresses with pockets are the best!
jurk 3jurk achterkant

jurk achterkant 2

I love the pleated skirt in this version and the scooped back. The bodice of Elisalex is perfection in my opinion.
jurk achterkant 5As you can see I did a lapped zipper on this dress. I used the free ‘Mastering Zipper Techniques” class on Craftsy from Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch and I got it right at the first try. That hardly ever happens. (okay, I accidentally switched sides of the lapped part but I’m ignoring that fact)
jurk 2

On my way to find another galaxy… TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

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Is it a bathrobe? No! It’s burda #125!

I present: my first make of 2014! (I still have something from 2013 in my folder, that I’ll show you in the very near future!)
This coat has been in the making for quite some time… Now it is finally finished, my boyfriend says it reminds him of my bathrobe. We’ll see. At least it’s very warm.
I first blogged about my plans for FESA 2013, can you imagine!

This was the original plan:
To pair Burda’s #125 from the october 2013 issue with a gorgeous blue wool I managed to buy in a stocksale for €5/m.
jassen(pictures on the left from Paunnet)
So, after the Belgian blogger meet-up where I saw Anneke’s version, I decided to bite the bullet and make the thing! I tried on Anneke’s version and it was quite big on me. Unfortunately I had cut the same size and no way I was tracing those Burda pattern sheets again. So I decided to wing it. I cut off all seam allowances (which I carefully added…) and decided to make it.
So that’s why it’s quite big on me now.
jas 5And I don’t think the belt is helping… However, I can layer as many sweaters as I like underneath it!
To take in all the excess fabric I stitched two pleats in the backpiece taking out 4 cm with each pleat. It’s still quite roomy and big but that’s a good thing. I can stretch my arms very far which is nice when I need to ride my bike (=every day).

jas 4

Yes, it’s finally getting cold in Belgium. And yes, it started to rain when I decided to take pictures. So that’s why I keep wearing my hood. :-) Because I can!
jas 3And now… are you in for a surprise?
jas open
It’s hot pink lining! And it’s sheepskin (cotton fleece) And it’s warm. And it’s PINK!
The inside of this coats makes me very happy! All coats should have surprising lining. That would make life way more interesting!

What do you think? Bathrobe or coat?

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Such Fun: A Belgian Sewing Blogger Meet

Last Saturday the second Belgian Blogger Meet Up took place. It was so much fun!
It’s so nice to spend a day talking fabrics, patterns and dart placement with all these lovely sewers living in Belgium (there were a lot of people from the  UK, oh, the accents!)

How much fun?

You can read all about it on the blogs of these lovely ladies:

Anneke did some hilarious photoshopping for our group shot.
Ilse wrote about it in Dutch, for those who’d like to read it in another language. Karolien also wrote about it in Dutch and called it a “Blind Date”.
Liesel called it “Blogtime in Real Life”
For Lieve it all started with hot chocolat.
Caroline was the photographer of the day and she did a great job!
Louize had a grand day out.

Here’s a list of all the lovely people participating in the blog meet!



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