Sew Dolly Clackett

Roisin of Dolly Clackett is getting married! In May! Hurray!

To honor this event, Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones came up with the marvelous idea to organise a sewalong/competition Dolly Clackett Style. To check out all of the details hop on over to Rhinestones and Telephones.

sew dolly clackett

Since I really admire Roisin’s style, as shown in my ‘Ode to Roisin’, I will participate in this sewalong! I got an idea in mind already and one can never have too many dresses!

I leave you guys to it, I’ve got some sewing to do!

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3 Responses to Sew Dolly Clackett

  1. IngeMaakt says:

    Ik ben benieuwd wat je gaat maken! Wat een fantastisch idee, deze sewalong, en zo lief :)

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