Who made your clothes?

Today, when I was picking out clothes this morning, I turned to my trusty faux-leather H&M dress. It’s a wardrobe staple and I have no idea who made it.

I paired it with some leggings, a black slip and my floral rigel bomber. I know who made the Rigel, I did.
So I’m proud to wear it inside out!
inside outThis morning when I was on my way to a friend who was going to help me out with some movie editing (6 continious hours with Final Cut Pro later and you have the reason why the picture in this post is completely blurry, I can’t see a thing!) people were handing out flyers in the big shopping street in Antwerp.

I told them proudly: I make my own clothes.

But for my favorite faux leather dress…
H&M, Who made it?

If you want to learn more about the Who Made Your Clothes action, please visit following websites:http://slowfashionforward.org/

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  1. Thanks for joining the revolution! I hope we can encourage great change!

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